2018 NCAA Tournament Round of 32 matchup preview: Villanova vs. Alabama

After Villanova’s first round opponent, the 16th-seeded Radford Highlanders, nailed a quick three-pointer and then forced a Wildcat turnover on the very first two possessions of the game, fans of the small Virginia school might have momentarily allowed themselves to wonder if maybe the impossible could be accomplished. About 90 seconds of game time later, however, those same fans quickly realized those thoughts were nothing more than delusions of grandeur.

The Wildcats completely manhandled the Highlanders at both ends of the court, eventually defeating the by a more than comfortable 26 points, 87-61. Aside from those first two possessions, Radford was never really in the game at any point.

Villanova’s second round opponent, however, will more than likely put up a more spirited fight than the Highlanders could muster. The 9th-seeded Alabama Crimson Tide, coming off their first round victory over 8th-seeded Virginia Tech, boast a top-20 ranked defense according to kenpom. They also roster the extremely talented Collin Sexton, a freshman phenom guard that appears to be headed to the NBA as a potential lottery pick after this tournament is over.

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